Clean Eating when travelling abroad

In the airport, from Krakow to Pisa. Today I am sharing with you how I am organizing myself when it comes to clean eating in a foreign country, so when I’m not home (99% of the time).

I really started to pay attention to the quality of the food I am eating since last year, when I was compensating all the job related stress by continuously eating comfort food and I gained a lot of weight.

Luckily those bad days are gone and nowadays clean eating means taking care of myself and even if at the beginning is an habit change quite hard to start, after a while it will become normal for you and fully integrated in your routine.


So let’s start with the first thing: Breakfast.

Breakfast is well known for being the most important meal of the day and is very famous the way of saying: “eat Breakfast like a King, Lunch like a Prince and Dinner like a Pauper”.

In general, I am always booking big chains hotels with continental breakfast, so that I am sure to find always some fruits and yogurt or cereals as option for the breakfast.

In the case I am booking an apartment thing are even easier because I can go shopping in mini markets and refill the fridge with fruits/vegetables and good food.

As I am going to the gym in the morning – before going to the office – I am eating quite a lot for breakfast. I am used to have small ham sandwich (just ham and bread!), white yogurt and fruit or white yogurt, nuts and honey.

When having breakfast in the hotel, I am always grabbing an extra white yogurt and some fresh fruit, which I am carrying with me in the office for the half morning snack. I am putting the cut fruit in a small plastic container, which I am always carrying with me in my bag, and then mixing it with the white yogurt.

In fact, I learned that the trickiest part are the snacks to eat during the working day.

It’s well known that when you are in the office, the food offer is very poor – quite often only snack machines around – and the obvious rule is to avoid snack machines.

When the gym is not located in the hotel, but for instance is in the office, I am preparing the breakfast the evening before and I am carrying it with me – it can be for instance greek yogurt with chia seeds, banana and strawberries, cinnamon and just a bit of maple syrup.


Moving to lunch, I must admit that I am quite lucky with the food offer in any of the office canteen I am going, as I am always able to find grilled meat and vegetables.









When I am going for lunch, I am always taking some fruits as well to eat as a snack in the afternoon.

From time to time I also carry with me some dried fruits (nuts..) to eat in a very small quantity during the day.

Even though I am Italian, it’s very rare for me to eat pasta during the working week, as I am always abroad and in general I am eating pasta only in Italy J – pasta for me is more a week end lunch meal.


Another important thing I changed in my diet is to drink sugarless coffee – as I am working till late hours, I am drinking a lot of coffee during the day, so removing sugar from the coffee has been a good caloric improvement!


Clean eating is really changing my life and my workout/running performances: I feel definitely full of energy!

P.S. don’t forget one last thing – the most important!!! More or less once per week is the cheat meal time and I am having a brunch with eggs and bacon (usually on Sunday) or bacon cheese burger with fried potatoes or pizza or chocolate cake… 🙂

chocolate cake



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  1. wwayne ha detto:

    Rieccomi! L’ultima foto mi ha ricordato un aneddoto che raccontava spesso mia nonna.
    Lei diceva che da bambina aspettava tutto l’anno che arrivasse il Natale, perché sapeva che per quella festa le sarebbe stato regalato un cioccolatino. Allora quel minuscolo pezzo di cioccolata era un lusso inimmaginabile, che ci si poteva permettere appunto soltanto una volta l’anno. Adesso invece, diceva mia nonna, se ho voglia di un po’ di cioccolata vado al supermercato e me ne compro una stecca larga così e spessa così per un euro e spiccioli.
    Mia nonna ci faceva questo paragone per farci capire che adesso ogni giorno è festa, ogni giorno è Natale, perché ora possiamo permetterci di fare tutti i giorni delle cose che soltanto pochi anni fa erano delle comodità inaccessibili. E quindi finiamo per darle per scontate, non le apprezziamo nella giusta misura e non siamo mai contenti. Sei d’accordo?

    "Mi piace"


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