Early morning gym bag

On the plane, from Krakow to Bruxelles.
Finally this week in Poland is over and I can go back to my healty routines.

Last year has been crazy at work and still I am not able to leave the office before 9PM, that’s why I had to start going to the gym in the early morning, was the only possible way to exercise. I am not a morning person and waking up at 6:30 AM was something completely crazy for me, until I got used to it.

After the gym, I go straight to the office, so is very importat to carry with me all the necessary.

Let’s start with my gym bag, I have a sporty Nike bag that in general is never enough for me 🙂 I need to carry with me also my Longchamp where I can put my hairdryer – the one in the gym is taking too long to dry hair – and my hair straighter.

In one small pochette I am used to carry with me all the gym specific staff like hair laces, band aids, muscles relaxer gel, intimate wipes, hairgrip – I use it to when I am straighting my hair or to pin my hair when I am having the shower, cotton and make up remover – in case of mistakes when applying make up.

I use to carry with me another pochette just with things I need for the shower: shampoo and balm, showergel, deodorant, face cream and eye cream. I put in this bag also the perfume, but this one I spray at the very end when I am done with everything.

When I wash my hair, I apply some super nourishing oil and once they are dry and straight I use the VS hairspray – I love the smell.

I am also carrying with me a dry shampoo in case I do not have much time left and I need to refresh my hair.

I must admit I am obsessed with Victoria Secrets body creams. I tried plenty of body creams and I swear those are the only ones able to really hydrate my body skin.

And finally….. my make up pochette!

Do you remember the Caudalie travel kit I bought sometime ago? 

Well, I am reusing that pochette, as I need a transparent one to easily find all my make up products.

Starting from the face, I carry with me foundation, blush, highlighter, bronzer and powder to fix it all.


Moving to the eyes: eyeshadow primer, neutral colors eyeshadow palette, eyebrows palette, mascara and brow eye pencil and of course brushes to apply.

For my lips, considering that I am going to the office, I don’t have anything crazy: nude lippencil to be used together with nude lipstick or red lipstick to be applied with fingertip, to have a super natural and very light red color on my lips.

This is bottom line everything I find necessary for me in the gym in the early morning. What about you? What time do you exercise and which products are you carrying with you?


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